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What‚??s Up with Roofing Material Warranties? This Blog is more like a series of questions because I have my suspicions about roofing material warranties but before I'mouth off I want to learn more. I certainly do not want to pick on any one company so please don‚??t reply using company names. But what‚??s up with materials warranties? Lots of small print. Do you know what they say? Do you explain it to the building/home owner? Do you ever sell a certain manufacturer based on the roof warranty they offer? I am not talking about the quality of their products but based on what they are offering to the building/home owner. Have you ever compared the different manufacturers warranties ‚??apples to apples‚?ù? Do you really understand what all that fine print is about or do you just take the warranty at face value? Some manufacturers are offering extended warranties for an additional fee. Are you selling much of those? Are they'all basically the same? It'seems to me once one manufacturer makes a change they'all fall in line. Are warranties better than they used to be? I was wondering if warranties make a difference to the owner. It'seems to me a contractor has a certain amount of power when suggesting a brand to an owner. In residential for example, you show the sample of the brand you prefer. Do you ever tell them you are bringing them a particular product based on a better warranty? Do you explain that you hope it lasts 20 years so you can call it a 20 year roof? I‚??m thinking the building/home owner belI'ves if you say it‚??s a 20 year roof it will be warrantied for 20 years. In actuality in most cases it‚??s prorated down to nothing. I think owners are surprised to find out that their shingles will be replaced if their roof fails but not the labor to put it back on. Lots of fine print. Seems to me if there is a warranty issue you can get caught in the middle of a mess. So a warranty should matter to you too. You might have to fix some stuff on your dime or look bad. After all, you recommended that product in the first place. What made me think of it was that I just read about a homeowner suing the roofer because the roof failed and the manufacturer went out of business. All good questions I think. Seems to me the warranty is a big piece of your product offerings. Tell me how you feel.
Category: Roofing Post By: ROBERT WILLIAMS (San Angelo, TX), 02/27/2018

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