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I changed the Topic title on this (was Payment in Advance) I Can't remember if I told you guys about this job last year?. Near the end of the Apartment re-roof that dragged out for 3 months through the winter an Asian lady who had been watching me all the time from her house up on the hill behind virtually kidnapped me on the last day and drove me around the street to her place to look at her leaking roof over the entry to the house. Its about 30-40m2 and she had had it done about 5 years prior in Butyl rubber, by the look of it they did a butcher job of it, and they have gone out of business, but I didn't even put a ladder up and go up on the roof. I didn't really need the work at the time, as had 3 months of work backup already, so I said I'll come back in 2009 and didn't commit to any date. She said ? OK, just go ahead and do the roof? didn't ask for a price or anything.:dry: She phoned a few times and I fobbed her off, even tried to send her to another roofer who I know does reasonable work, but she insists That'she wants me to do the work. Anyway she rang again yesterday and said she was desperate, she was flying out to Vietnam on Thursday for 3 months, what to do what to do??? :woohoo: I still Can't do it for about 3 weeks. She asked how she is going to pay me? I said ?pay me in advance? :laugh: She didn't go for that, been waiting 3 months already, and of course we haven't even agreed on a price yet. I'm going to be in the area tomorrow will drop by an have a measure up and e-mail her the price, then perhaps she can arrange to have the money left with her Lawyer here for payout when I get the job finished. Thing is can Lawyer be trusted to pay me?
Category: Roofing Post By: LUIS PATTERSON (Joliet, IL), 02/27/2018

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