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In the waning days of my Roofing career I've decided to take on the authorities.:cheer: I think I have enough grey hairs now to speak with some sort of acumen, but I?d shy back from calling myself an ?expert?. There is always something new to learn every day about this trade, especI'lly on the products side. We have a Building Code section here which is LAW, its called E2 and covers exterior watertightness, including roofing. Its a bit weakly written though, a lot of the membrane roofing was based on EPDM back in the 1990?s, when the E2 was drawn up, yet EPDM is rarely used here in NZ now. What I specifically wanted to ask here is; do you Americans have a clause or line or something in ASTM or whatever, that describes/defines ?Ponding?? I have read here over the years something like ? if water is still standing 48 hours after rain? That's ponding? or words to that effect. Which I agree with. I get it all the time, ?arrr there is a puddle on the roof, its ponding water!? then you go up a few days later to look at it and there is no water on the roof at all. I'may make submissions on the next revision E2 update regarding this, as it gives me and I am sure many other flat roof membrane roofers a bit of a headache. Something has to be written down to define ?ponding? to help us guys out in a pickle. BTW not my roofs specifically, but I'm getting asked to inspect a lot of others roofs lately as a part time ?expert? :woohoo:
Category: Roofing Post By: ROBERT WILLIAMS (Brentwood, CA), 02/12/2018

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